Amplified Bible Genesis 3:16
To the woman He said, I will greatly multiply your grief and your suffering in pregnancy and the pangs of childbearing; with spasms of distress you will bring forth children. Yet your desire and craving will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.

Fast forward a few seasons of time (we aren’t told exactly how long) and the wonder couple (Adam and Eve) eat the forbidden fruit (might be an apple, a persimmon, a watermelon or even a sour grape, might not even be a physical fruit. We’d know when we get to heaven) .

The result is that God cursed the serpent, shifted the woman’s affection and increased her pain and cursed the earth for man to have to battle for his right of dominion.

I am of an opinion that because of the nature of the consequence of the disobedience on each of the genders, that is why some things are the way they are today and I’d show you some examples as we go.

We would skip the first part of the curse on woman and go into the second part.

Yet your desire and craving will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.

Every human’s desire originally was and still is meant to be for God, this is why everybody craves a higher power whether they admit it or not. The human craving for a higher power could be manifested in another religion or a pursuit or act but there is a God shaped void in every person that only God can fill and we instinctively know this whether we acknowledge it or not.

Now the consequence of this curse determined that Woman would constantly crave for a man of her own and go after fulfilling that craving with her every desire, her life, her actions and that when she finally got him, he would dominate her.

Where this poses a problem is that God made Man (the species) to dominate the earth and not each other.

The Woman had used her God given influence to, powered by greed and the need to be like God, get man to eat of this forbidden fruit and I can imagine that it was a simple matter,

“well, since you so want to be like Me even after I have made you exactly like I am, to the point of disobeying me, here’s another to god over you, experience what it is like for mankind to be god outside of Me and let Me know if you like it”.

So Woman now had to contend between her passions and her inclinations.

Her passion for the man and her inclination to revolt when he begins to lord over her, a concept that was never the picture until the fall of man.

We see this curse manifested in so many ways today, the little girl dreams about her marriage and giggles to mental pictures of her dream man and the little boy knows “I like this girl but hey, there’s a new video game coming out soon”.

From infancy, the girl begins to do more and more to get guys attention and snag one for herself and the man begins to do more to dominate over the earth and battle with the earth that originally should just be subject to his will without stress.

The girls hike up their skirts, the guys go to work building their muscles to show who’s boss and it’s a never ending circle until suddenly his testosterone let’s him realize that there is estrogen in barely there clothes.

It is here that he hunts for Woman, the same Woman that God originally was to bring to him and that he was to be filled with awe at the sight of, at her magnificence, he begins to hunt her like prey, to conquer and dominate her like he would any animal.

I’m being very brutal because this is the root of most of all the pain that we experience as Woman today, this unnatural desire to go after man like we should God.

But guess what, a price was paid.

Man in his fallen state had to deal with a flawed system that involved a cursed earth and cursed desires such that he could be seen striving to walk with God, something that was supposed to be his default setting.

Jesus came to reunite man with God in the original plan thus taking away all curses and this includes the curse on the woman that causes a rift between passions and inclinations in her.

So, it is wrong to be told that your desire should be your husband and his pleasure based on Genesis, your desire should be God and fellowship with Him in fulfillment of purpose.

It is in that place that He then pairs you up with a man who is on the same journey.

This is one of the reasons why there is so much pain and heartbreak and divorce even in the church, Mankind is still choosing to operate under the curse, even believers.

We still want to do it ourselves when there is an option to submit to the will of The One who has taken away curses and live a curse free life.

By virtue of this, when the Woman submits her will to God in Christ Jesus, her desires go back to the original design and the internal battle in her is brought under subjection to the Love of God.

When the Woman in God finds her place in His original purpose, walking according to His instructions, then He is given room to set things in His divine order, to bring her to an already groomed and prepared man just like He did for Eve.

This eliminates the problem of heartbreak among women, reduces the amount of women who live with fractured souls and hurt induced notions that lead to decisions that lead to more pain in an unending cycle.

This makes the world a better place because if you heal a woman, you heal a nation.

This leads to the third issue, if the price has been paid, what then is Submission?

Stay tuned for the next episode.

Hugs, Kisses and Lots of Love,

PraiseGod Omoregie

God Girl In Transit

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